Our Story
How Absolutely OrganicĀ®  Came To Be


ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC® is a family owned and operated business located in Simonton, TX (west of the Houston city limits).  We are true Cajun folk from South Louisiana.  We do all of our own manufacturing, testing, labeling, packaging, shipping and everything else it takes to keep our company running smoothly.  It is truly a family affair.  Our extended family and friends are our testers and of course, our support.  

ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC® was born out of necessity.  After suffering with debilitating headaches for over 20 years, I was diagnosed with an Environmental Illness called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (M.C.S.).  My body contained dangerous levels of herbicide/pesticide and heavy metal poisoning.   I searched tirelessly for ways to rid myself of these toxins. I attended seminars, read books, etc. 

In my research, the most alarming information I came across (for me in particular), was finding out that TRICLOSAN, which is the active ingredient in most anti-bacterial products, was registered with the EPA as a "pesticide".  Here I was...cleaning myself (including brushing my teeth), my children and everything in my home with products containing this poison.  Upon returning from our 1st seminar, Randy, the kids and I filled a couple of garbage bags with these poisonous products and began the daunting task of finding products without toxic ingredients.  This was almost impossible.  I thank God that we found exactly what we needed, when we met an "expert" research and developer of non-toxic skin care and personal care products.

Important to our story is sharing this with you...

My grandmother, whom we lovingly called Grom, was dying of cancer.  I was visiting her and asked if she would like me to give her a massage (I am a medical massage therapist).  She said yes and I proceeded to do so when a nurse came into her room hysterically telling me to stop.  I tried to explain to her that I knew it was a contra-indication to do massage therapy on a cancer patient, but at this point, I just wanted to give some comfort to my dying grandmother.  She said, "No, it is not the fact that you are massaging her.  You cannot have that lotion in this room with this equipment! It can cause a fire!"  I had no idea what she was talking about, but then she explained to me there could be no products containing petroleum in the room.  I assured the nurse that there was no petroleum or petroleum by-products in the lotion I was using.  After she checked the ingredients, she allowed me to continue.  Upon finishing the massage, I questioned the nurse and the family about what they were using to groom my grandmother and was horrified to find out they were using olive oil and what I considered a harsh store bought soap.  Of course there isn't a thing wrong with using the olive oil, but it certainly is not very feminine. The reason I was horrified was because I felt like Grom should be using the organic skin care and personal care that we had provided for her.  They were un-aware that the products we were providing were free of petroleum and until that point, I was naive about petroleum products being prohibited because of the hospital equipment.  It warms my heart to know that my Grom, from that day on, was pampered with the safe, botanical skin care and personal care products she so deserved. 

It is because of Grom, myself and everyone else that has suffered, in some way, because of toxic products that we have created ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC®

Now you can enjoy safe, botanically based products FREE of the chemicals that were contributing to making me ill.

Our Research and Development Team constantly searches the globe for the purest, most beneficial, botanically based ingredients to create


I hope you love our products as much as we do.


Blessings to you and your family,

The Cazenaves