INGREDIENTS DICTIONARY - Listed Alphabetically   A - G


ALOE VERA GEL grown organically is the best choice due to aloe’s deep penetrating properties.  It provides an abundance of mucopolysaccharides; minerals, amino acids and other nutrients, adding moisture to the skin and helping the skin retain its natural moisture longer.  Aloe is known to assist the skin with its natural healing process and works synergistically with other ingredients.  Aloe is one of the oldest medicinal plants known capable of drawing and holding oxygen to the skin as well as stimulating cellular renewal.  The plant composition is similar to that of human blood plasma and its pH is the same as human skin.  Aloe is an extremely beneficial ingredient in protecting, healing and soothing the skin.

Aloe Vera Gel provides an abundance of minerals, amino acids, mucopolysaccharides and 75 other nutrients which add deep natural moisture to the skin.  When used topically, wounds heal collagen tissue content increases dramatically and cell growth is promoted.  Aloe is an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-aging ingredient that also assists in boosting the immune system to create optimal health.


ARGAN OIL, like all vegetable fats, has marvelous softening, anti-drying and protective effects and contains 80% of the unsaturated fatty acids.  Argan Oil was used for centuries by Berber women of South Western Morocco for its moisturizing and replenishing effects on the skin.   Even today, Argan Oil is used extensively worldwide as a topical skin care treatment due to its high nutritional properties such as Omega-6 fatty acids, linoleic acid and its ability to act as a powerful anti-oxidant.  It contains a high level of Vitamin E that aids in healing inflamed, irritated skin.


BLUE SAPPHIRE aligns personality with soul purpose, and creates focus on the tasks at hand. It strengthens virtues of compassion, and selfless service, and develops character traits of loyalty, honesty, and balanced responsibility.  It fosters a contemplative nature as well as stabilizing and strengthening the nervous system.  A state of calm tranquility and peace are enhanced with intuitive psychic perception.  A commitment to spiritual dimensions of life, self-love, tolerance and acceptance are nurtured.  Blue Sapphire, while cool, signifies inner peace, calm tranquility, communication, intuition, loyalty, honesty, compassion and faith.


BOIS DE ROSE (ROSEWOOD) ESSENTIAL OIL: Sensitive, dry, and acne skin can benefit from this healing oil.  Calms inflamed skin.  Rosewood Oil promotes cell stimulation and tissue regeneration.  It is also a mild analgesic, antiseptic, anti-bacterial and a general tonic to the skin.


BOTANICAL BLEND:  Lemon Peel, Grapefruit, Cranberry Fruit and Orange Peel all contain constituents that assist with lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins while simultaneously nourishing the skin with vitamin C.


BURDOCK ROOT reduces inflammation and controls bacterial infections thereby allowing the skin to heal, especially when eczema or psoriasis are present. Also improves circulation. 


CALENDULA:  The application of calendula to inflamed or damaged skin encourages faster healing.  The metabolism of collagen and nucleoprotein synthesis is stimulated by the rapid appearance of new connective tissue. Calendula is an antiseptic and anti-bacterial as well as an anti-fungal and possesses hydrating properties as well.

CAMELLIA OIL (derived from the Green Tea Flower in Japan) delivers the benefits claimed by Retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and other chemical acid based anti-aging products, but without their irritating side effects. Camellia Oil is more effective than other natural oils and skin care products on the market today because:

· It is more penetrating and hydrating without greasy residues. Studies have proven that no skin care products can work unless they penetrate multiple layers of the skin barrier. Camellia Oil is able to penetrate deep down the skin's lower layers to restore moisture and elasticity as well as replenish skin lipids, essential to prevent skin water loss. By contrast, many water- and chemical-based creams sold on the market today cannot penetrate beyond the outermost layers of the skin and therefore have only transitory surface effects.

· It won't clog pores or cause acne because skin tissue responds better to the molecular structure of fatty acids found in Camellia Oil.

· It does not cause any irritation or allergic reactions such as stinging, peeling, flaking and rash, unlike most Retinol, AHA and chemical acid based anti-aging creams. Completely safe and gentle, it can be used for all skin types. You can use it every day and night, even around the eyes. 


CAMU-CAMU is a fruit from the Amazon forest very high in Vitamin C and even more important, many bioflavinoids responsible for Vitamin C full effectiveness.  Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen, a key structural protein of the skin. Adding Vitamin C to a culture of skin cells (fibroblasts) dramatically increases the synthesis of collagen. Secondly, Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and can help reduce skin damage caused by free radicals. When Vitamin C is properly delivered to skin cells, it provides added support toward reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture.

While oranges provide 500 to 4,000 ppm Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid), and acerola has assayed 16,000 to 172,000 ppm ascorbic acid, Camu-camu provides 21,000 to 500,000 ppm ascorbic acid or 2 to 3 grams per kilogram.  In comparison, 30 times more Vitamin C is provided in Camu-camu plus 10 times more iron, 3 times more niacin and twice as much riboflavin.  Astoundingly enough, it also supplies 50% more phosphorous. 

Other phytochemicals present are bioflavinoids, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, niacin, protein, and thiamin in smaller amounts.  The action and properties of Camu-camu are:





·Nutritive able to accumulate within cells for maximum effectiveness.

·Vital to the collagen synthesis process.  Damage to collagen, elastin, cell membranes, nuclear constituents and proteoglycans is caused by UV radiation to the skin resulting in oxidative free radicals.  Connective tissue breakdown and skin cancer can result. Feeds the skin topically to provide necessary levels of Vitamin C to protect against these detrimental agents.

·When applied in a topical manner, can provide up to 20 times more Vitamin C than found in food intake or supplements.

Several studies have been done on the photo-protective effects of Vitamin C.  UVB mediated sunburn cell formation was discovered to be significantly reduced and post UVB inflammation was reduced in those treated with topical Vitamin C.


CANADIAN WILLOWHERB (Epilobium augustifolium) contains a bioactive molecule: Oenothein-B, patented for its wide ranging anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal activity.  Its anti-viral, anti-tumor and free radical scavenging abilities soothe inflamed or irritated skin while allowing healing to take place. The potent bioactivity makes it a therapeutic product recommended for irritated, red skin. Research performed in North America and Europe has found it outperforms 1% hydrocortisone in results measured: ½ hour, 1 hour, 4 hours, and 24 hours.  The Canadian Willowherb lotion was especially effective during the first three measured points of the test, the time that is most important to the healing process.  Thus this ingredient is excellent for traumatized skin whether by injury or cosmetic medical procedures.


CORN SILK EXTRACT:  A cool, soothing herb that is recommended for sensitive skin.


CoQ10 (ubiquinone) is a compound that assists in the manufacturing of energy in every cell.  Shown to be a powerful anti-oxidant and immune system stimulant that effectively increases tissue oxygenation and counteracts free radical damage.  CoQ10 works synergistically with Vitamin C and E for optimal benefits.


CUCUMBER EXTRACT:  Helps cool, soften and clear the skin.  Cucumber Extract is also known for its ability to soothe red, irritated skin.


ECHINACEA PURPUREA EXTRACT (Purple Coneflower):  Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, this herb promotes healing and conditioning of all skin types.


FRESH WATER SILT provides the skin with naturally occurring components which absorb pollutants from the skin, provide nutrients and enzymes, desensitize the tissue, and act as both an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant creating balanced, healthy skin.  These components form a synergistic equilibrium that nourish cell membranes, stimulate enzymatic and metabolic activities, regenerate skin and nerve fiber and oxygenate the cells increasing elasticity and moisture supply.


FULVIC ACID (Organic Glacier Minerals) are organic electrolytes which contain and transport essential nutrients, essential and trace minerals in a highly charged bio-available form and serve as an outside electrical force.  They charge, recharge and restore the potential that is or once was to the normal cell, and in doing so, balance and supercharge cellular life.  

Organic Glacier Minerals regenerate and prolong the time essential nutrients remain in the cells, enhance the permeability and circulation of cell membranes and greatly increasing the absorption of these nutrients.  Scavengers of free radicals, fulvic minerals restore and regenerate cellular life. 

The metabolic rate is increased and maintained.  Heavy metals and free radicals are removed from body systems and the activity of numerous enzymes is increased.  When combined with other nutrients, absorption is greatly improved. 

Fulvic Acid contains all of the phytochemicals, amino acid peptides, and nucleic acids from the original plant matter in highly refined, concentrated form, enhanced by the actions of microscopic plants.  Latent solar energy is also stored.  It was nature’s intention to participate at every level and link along the food chain to relay these energies and nutrients to every living cell creating optimal health. Fulvic Acid supports inner harmony and physical well-being. 


GERMAN BLUE CHAMOMILE has been used aromatically to calm but is also aids in healing dry, chapped or irritated skin.  Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types, it is anti-inflammatory and promotes the regeneration of skin.  German Blue Chamomile reduces redness, is sedative in nature and promotes healing.


GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT assists with controlling bacteria, yeast, molds, and viruses, is an antiseptic and is high in anti-oxidants.


GREEN TEA EXTRACT (Camellia sinensis) is rich in amino acids, proteins, lipids and organic acids known to aid in total body health, not just the skin.  It has been proven that Epigallocaechin, a polyphenol found in green tea, can be linked to prevention of the early stages of skin cancer.  Its anti-oxidants Vitamins A, C, and E are instrumental in preventing carcinogenic absorption.  Polyphenols are anti-oxidants providing anti-inflammatory and photo protective properties thereby preventing premature aging and wrinkles.  Especially helpful in soothing and supporting the health of sensitive, irritated skin.