Jun 1, 2005

To all Fathers, Step-Fathers, Foster Fathers,
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SPECIAL FATHER'S DAY WISHES go to Randy, my wonderful
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Daddy, Jervis Eymard. Thank you for believing in me,
supporting and loving me and for being a great role model.

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A collagen and elastin supporter, this is a protein that
also occurs in the skin with an ability to bind water in
spaces between cells. A gel-like substance,it moisturizes
and supports the strength of the long fiber proteins of
collagen and elastin together. Promotes moisture
retention; penetrates the skin’s surface with increased
water absorption to assist in diminishing wrinkles and
treat dry, damaged skin. It is also able to bind 1000 times
its weight in water.

HYALURONIC ACID is a mucopolysaccharide belonging to the
group of glycosaminoglycans; the vegetarian source is made
from microbial fermentation or vegetable ferments. It is
made up of approximately 1,000 to 10,000 disaccharide

Moisture Retention & Anti-Wrinkle: HYALURONIC ACID is able
to bind 1000 times its weight in water and acts like a
moisture magnet to maintain extracellular fluidity. The
skin contains over 70% water and renews itself more readily
than most other bodily tissues. HA is absolutely vital to
its structure and daily maintenance. As an intercellular
ground substance, HA fills the space between the collagen
and elastic fibers and is necessary to keep collagen
hydrated and youthful. Aging can cause the decline of HA
content in skin, and as a result the water retaining
ability of the skin is weakened and the skin becomes
wrinkled. Thus, it is considered a plumping agent and
lubricant leading to a perceptible and viable improvement
of skin conditions. Promotes moisture retention,
penetrates the skin’s surface with increased water
absorption to assist in diminishing wrinkles while
treating dry, damaged skin. On the surface of the skin it
forms a visco-elastic film to maintain and preserve the
characteristics of youthful, healthy skin with suppleness,
elasticity, and tone.

Anti-sunburn action: HYALURONIC ACID supports the natural
protective mechanism of the skin. It can eliminate active
oxygen free radicals produced by ultraviolet radiation in
the epidermis, and protect the skin from damage. It has
good water storing properties.

Scars, Wounds, Repair & Prevention: HYALURONIC ACID is one
of the more heavily researched substances in medicine with
literally thousands of clinical trials focusing on it. HA
is used to treat muscle spasms, fibromyalgia and hardened
tissue. It is also used to restore circulation and relieve
pain. A gel-like substance moisturizes and provides
firmness in limp, soft tissue. It acts as a lubricant by
allowing fibers to pass over each other smoothly, thus
making the tissue softer. This is the reason that HA is
used to treat scarred tissue. Being a lubricant, HA allows
the fibers of the scar tissue to slide paste each other,
making what used to feel hard become soft and flexible. It
can also strengthen other structures like nerves and blood

You'll find HYALURONIC ACID in the following Anti-Aging
Products: Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Serum, Ice Blue Eye Gel,
Creamy Citrus Cleanser, and Green Tea Hydrating Serum.

DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (monoethanolamine), TEA
(triethanolamine): DEA and MEA are usually listed on the
label in conjunction with the compound being neutralized,
so look for names like Cocomide DEA or MEA, Lauraminde DEA,
and so on. These are hormone-disrupting chemicals known to
form cancer-causing nitrates and nitrosamines. They are
almost always in products that foam, including bubble
baths, body washes, shampoos, soaps and facial cleaners.
On the show “CBS This Morning,” Dr. Samuel Epstein,
professor of environmental health at the University of
Illinois, said, “Repeated skin applications of DEA-based
detergents resulted in a major increase in the incidence of
two cancers – liver and kidney cancers.” John Bailey, head
of the cosmetic division of the FDA, says that the new
study is especially important since “the risk equation
changes significantly for children.” Tests at the
University of Bologna in Italy found TEA to be the most
frequent sensitizer used in cosmetics, gels, shampoos,
creams, lotions, etc.

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