Mar 1, 2005


During the month of March, we are celebrating the official
launch of our website, www.absolutelyorganic-toxicfree.com.
YOU, our valued customer are the big winner! Our entire
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ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC™ is a family owned and operated business
located in Katy, TX (right outside of the Houston city
limits). We are true Cajun folk from South Louisiana. My
husband, Randy and son, Ross are responsible for the
technical aspects of our company (anything to do with the
website, computer, and mathematical equations). My
daughter, Callie helps me with marketing, Research and
Development and manufacturing of our handcrafted products.
The whole family is involved in testing, labeling,
packaging, shipping and everything else it takes to keep
our company running smoothly. It is truly a family affair.

ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC™ was born out of necessity. After
suffering with debilitating headaches for over 20 years, I
was diagnosed with an Environmental Illness called Multiple
Chemical Sensitivities (M.C.S.). My body contained
dangerous levels of herbicide/pesticide and heavy metal
poisoning. I searched tirelessly for ways to rid myself of
these toxins. I attended seminars, read books, etc.

In my search, the most alarming information I came across
(for me in particular), was finding out that TRICLOSAN,
which is the active ingredient in most anti-bacterial
products, was registered with the EPA as a "pesticide".
Here I was...cleaning myself (including brushing my teeth),
my children and everything in my home with products
containing this poison. Upon returning from our 1st
seminar with Linda Chae (read about Linda and the ToxicFree
Foundation in our website), Randy, the kids and I filled a
couple of garbage bags with these poisonous products and
began the daunting task of finding products without toxic
ingredients. This was almost impossible. I thank God that
we found exactly what we needed, when we met an "expert"
research and developer of non-toxic skin care and personal
care products. Since age 6 or 7, I have been handcrafting
some of my own skincare and personal care products.
ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC™ is a huge leap and improvement from
those days. Our handcrafted products
will soon be available on the website.


My grandmother, whom we lovingly called Grom, was dying of
cancer. I was visiting her and asked if she would like me
to give her a massage (I am a medical massage therapist).
She said yes and I proceeded to do so when a nurse came
into her room hysterically telling me to stop. I tried to
explain to her that I knew it was a contra-indication to do
massage therapy on a cancer patient, but at this point, I
just wanted to give some comfort to my dying grandmother.
She said, "No, it is not the fact that you are massaging
her. You cannot have that lotion in this room with this
equipment! It can cause a fire!" I had no idea what she
was talking about, but then she explained to me there could
be no products containing petroleum in the room. I assured
the nurse that there was no petroleum or petroleum
by-products in the lotion I was using. After she checked
the ingredients, she allowed me to continue. Upon
finishing the massage, I questioned the nurse and the
family about what they were using to groom my grandmother
and was horrified to find out they were using olive oil and
some soap. (Of course these are perfectly safe, but not
very feminine.) The reason I was upset was because I felt
like Grom should be using the organic skin care and
personal care that we had provided for her. Our family was
un-aware that the products we were providing were free of
petroleum and until that point, I was naive about petroleum
products being prohibited because of the hospital
equipment. It warms my heart to know that my Grom, from
that day on, was pampered with the safe, botanical skin
care and personal care products she so deserved.

It is because of Grom, myself and everyone else that has
suffered, in some way, because of toxic chemicals that we


TRICLOSAN is the largest rage in the arsenal of
anti-bacterial chemicals, included in detergents,
dishwashing liquids, hand-washes, soaps, deodorants,
cosmetics, lotions, creams, and even toothpaste. In 1998,
Americans snatched up $540 million of these products,
without proof they even do what they claim (Good
Housekeeping Institute Report, Good Housekeeping Magazine,
March 1999).

But is triclosan safe? The EPA registers triclosan as a
pesticide, giving it high scores as a risk to both human
health and the environment (US Environmental Protection
Agency / Webpage - epa.gov), and the USP recently
proposed a new monograph for the specific testing of
triclosan. It is a chlorinated aromatic, similar in
molecular structure and chemical formulation to some of the
most toxic chemicals on earth: dioxins, PCBs and Agent
Orange (James Menoutis and Angela I Parisi-Menoutis.
Triclosan and its Impurities. Technology Review Series -
Quantex Laboratories). Its manufacturing process may
produce dioxin, a powerful hormone-disrupting chemical with
toxic effects in the parts per trillion; one drop in 300
Olympic size swimming pools (CQS.com website). Hormone
disruptors pose enormous long-term chronic health risks
because they interfere with the way hormones perform, such
as changing genetic material or fostering birth defects.
(Debra Lynn Dadd. 1990. Non-Toxic. Natural and Earthwise.
Jeremy P. Tarcher).

Triclosan is a chlorophenol, a class of chemicals suspected
of causing cancer in humans. Externally, it causes skin
irritation, but since “phenol can temporarily deactivate
the sensory nerve endings, contact with it often causes
little or no pain.” (Linda Mason Hunter. 1980. The
Healthy Home. Pocket Books). Internally, it can lead to
cold sweats, circulatory collapse, convulsions, coma and
death.” (Debra Lynn Dadd. 1992. The Non-Toxic Home and
Office. Jeremy P. Tarcher). Stored in body fat, it can
accumulate to toxic levels, damaging the liver, kidney and
lungs and can cause paralysis, sterility, suppression of
immune function, brain hemorrhages, decreased fertility and
sexual function, heart problems, and coma. (Debra Lynn
Dadd. 1990. Non-Toxic Natural and Earthwise. Jeremy P.

All these chemicals are persistent organic pollutants
(POPs). “They are chlorinated, persist in the environment,
and accumulate to higher and higher concentrations with
each step up in the food chain. Once absorbed into the body
fat, it is almost impossible to eliminate POPs. (World
Wildlife Fund. Reducing Your Risk: A Guide to Avoiding
Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals). “Employing a strong
anti-biotic agent such as triclosan for everyday use is of
questionable value as it takes a shotgun approach to
killing all microscopic organisms while destroying the
beneficial bacteria in the environment and in our bodies.
These so-called friendly bacteria cause no harm and often
produce beneficial effects such as aiding metabolism and
inhibiting the invasion of harmful pathogens.” (M. Angela
McGehee, PhD. In Biology and Marine Sciences, Personal

Boston-based microbiologist Laura McMurray and colleagues
at the Tufts University School of Medicine say that
“Triclosan is capable of forcing the emergence of
“superbugs” that it cannot kill. And experiments have
shown that it may not be the all-out germ killer scientists
once thought it was. Using triclosan daily in the home -
in products ranging from children’s soaps to toothpaste to
“germ-free) cutting boards - may be unwise.” (Maggie
Fox. Common Disinfectant Could Breed Superbugs. Health
and Science Correspondent). “Public health officials have
blamed the indiscriminate prescription of anti-biotics by
doctors for the spread of drug-resistant bacteria. The
Tufts study suggests the recent widespread use of
anti-bacterial agents in everyday products might have
similar results.” (Joseph B. Verrengia. New Products
Feared Breeding Tougher Germs. AP Science Writer).

Visit the "PLEASE AVOID" section of our website to learn
about other toxic chemicals in most skin care and personal
care products.


Thanks to ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC™, you can now enjoy safe,
botanically based products, FREE of the chemicals that were
contributing to making me ill.

Our Research and Development Team continually searches the
globe for the purest, most beneficial, botanically based
ingredients to create ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC™products.


First and foremost, I want to thank God and my angels for
loving me unconditionally and guiding me every second of
each day.

My gratitude and love go to Randy, Callie and Ross for
helping me with EVERYTHING, for loving me, believing in
ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC™ and supporting me 100%.

To Mom and Dad, thank you for loving me, teaching me and
for always believing in me and my dreams.

ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC™ would not be a reality without the
help, love and support of our family and friends. In this,
our Premiere Newsletter, I want to acknowledge these
"Earth Angels".

Aaron Dirks, our financial advisor, thank you for being our
Biggest Supporter, Best Customer and Friend. Aaron is the
man for anyone needing help with their finances! (Merrill
Lynch~New Orleans, LA)

Donna Buchholz for being ma Sistah, formulating buddy,
support and sounding board.

The TOXICFREE Foundation, especially Linda Chae, Frank
Maggio, Vicki Martin and Bobbie Masse. Thank you for
educating the masses about toxic chemicals and their
negative effects. Thank you, too, for your love, support
and for most of the toxicfree information contained in our

Sonia Choquette, Auntie Cuky, Mark Stanton Welch, my
"TRANSLUCENT YOU" Canoe Mates and Team and "Psychic
Pathway" Tribe Members for your love, feedback, support and
for being my "believing eyes". You inspire me even when you
don't know it!

So important to me and the success of ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC™
are family members and friends who have prayed for our
success, tested our products, given us constructive
criticism, love and support. I hope I don't forget anyone:
Teri Morse, Mamma Mabel, Norma Cazenave, the entire
Cazenave/Faucheux clan, the entire Eymard family, Madeline
Beraud, Roselyn and Kelly Besson, Jackie, Jay and Emily
LeJeune, Patti Bresler, Lynn Lipp, Chris, Alexa, and Brett
Riblett, Pam, Jon and Katie Hart, Debbie Burns, Arrena
Svoboda, Sue McDonald, Randi Marshall, Joan Hester, Theresa
Gnutek, Claire Hazlett, Wanda Punch, Rick Bresler, Edwin
Gonzales, Vondell Dunn, and Carol Bronson.

THANK YOU, our subscribers, for your interest in living a
toxicfree life, educating yourself about toxic chemicals
and your interest in ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC™.

Remember, YOU can make a difference. YOU CAN BE TOXICFREE!!

Love and blessings,
Ro Cazenave